Monday, September 26, 2011

Kurt Angle’s Ultimate Teen Challenge Highlights

Former WWE and TNA superstar Kurt Angle was on hand at the MMA Sports Expo in Atlantic City, NJ to host his (annual?) Ultimate Teen Challenge. While the MMA Expo itself was far from an overwhelming success, Kurt’s interest and integrity in helping the kids in the competition were second to none.

The teens signed up to compete against each other in a series of strength performance challenges as Kurt coached and mentored them through their trials. As a former olympic gold medalist- Kurt used his experience to help motivate the youngsters in pushing themselves to achieve a higher level of success and self confidence.

Angle was also on hand to promote his recent venture, Angle Foods ( is a custom line of gourmet and performance meals for the die hard athlete in you!

Check out the exclusive video highlights brought to you by DieHard Wrestling

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