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Kurt Angle’s Ultimate Teen Challenge Highlights

Former WWE and TNA superstar Kurt Angle was on hand at the MMA Sports Expo in Atlantic City, NJ to host his (annual?) Ultimate Teen Challenge. While the MMA Expo itself was far from an overwhelming success, Kurt’s interest and integrity in helping the kids in the competition were second to none.

The teens signed up to compete against each other in a series of strength performance challenges as Kurt coached and mentored them through their trials. As a former olympic gold medalist- Kurt used his experience to help motivate the youngsters in pushing themselves to achieve a higher level of success and self confidence.

Angle was also on hand to promote his recent venture, Angle Foods ( is a custom line of gourmet and performance meals for the die hard athlete in you!

Check out the exclusive video highlights brought to you by DieHard Wrestling

Bret “Hitman” Hart – The 1998 Tribute Videos and Pre-Screwjob Story

Did I ever tell you the story about my involvement in the infamous Montreal Screwjob? Ok, before you get your panties in a bunch, let me first clarify that I wasn't directly involved in the screwjob. I wasn't even associated with it. Truth be told, I just happened to be "around" it. Not as a "worker" or decision maker, but as a broadcast journalist.

See, for those who don't know - this is where I get put myself over for a minute - I had the FIRST EVER pro wrestling radio talk show (later turned TV show) on the internet. At the time, there weren't too many people who understood the concept of what the internet was, and even fewer owned computers in their own home. In 1997, I signed on with the first ever streaming broadcast company in New York and brought my creations to the air for a global audience. The name of the show was, "...And Justice For Brawl", and because of my ties in the wrestling business, the show shot off like a stud in the last minute of a porno - but without the sticky mess, of course.

Because the show was still in its infancy and I was still working on strategic marketing and building a fan base, I didn't want to start booking big names just yet and blow my load too early - there we go again with the adult references. You may be too young to remember, but internet porn was TERRIBLE back in the 90s. It was basically websites for photographers that took 3-hours to download one picture with a dial-up modem. Oh, how we've come so far since those days.... I mean in terms of progress. Not in the trajectory or distance you can...nevermind. Back to the screwjob....Here we go again! Get your minds back to pro wrestling!

Long story short, I decided to give Bret Hart a call at the end of October to see if he'd be interested in doing a rare interview. As the true professional he is, was and always will be - Bret obliged. The "Hitman" was one of my all-time favorites and getting the rare opportunity to interview him gave me the jitters. I wanted to do some prep work and ask questions that he had never been asked. What also made the opportunity so rare was that Bret was the reigning WWE champion at the time and during an era where the title was much more valued than it is today. Scoring an interview with the WWE's title holder was unheard of at the time. So Bret and I agreed to wait a few weeks to do the live interview. It would give me enough time to promote the appearance, and I could tie it into a Survivor Series promotion if the WWE office gave any resistance in having their heavyweight champion doing an interview leading into one of the most anticipated events in history.

The Monday Night Wars were in the heat of battle. The WWE's attitude era had just started picking up some steam with the formation of Degeneration-X, led by Shawn Michaels. The white hot heated history between Bret and Shawn had already been exposed to the public and was being used in the storylines. Bret blasted Shawn for what his character had become and what it was doing to the industry. The "Hitman" questioned The Heartbreak Kid's lifestyle and choice of attire. He ridiculed Shawn's ring outfits, perhaps because they weren't designed by a Bryant Park fixture like Hank Shalom of Soho Fashion.

My heart raced like fat man running to an alton brown ribs all-you-can-eat buffet! I knew that with the interview scheduled, it was my responsibility to address the rumors. My fear was that Bret might have been gag-ordered to keep quiet until after the pay per view. Perhaps by discussing his decision live on the air, fans would lose interest in the event if they could figure out the result based on Bret's decision to stay with the company or not.

So I called Bret, and explained to him my concerns about doing the interview and how he'd like to approach it. I even offered to postpone the interview until everything was finalized and he could openly speak about the rumors and his decision. Bret calmly said, "I don't have anything to hide. You can ask me anything you want and I will tell you as much as I can. Don't hold anything back."

Not only was I relived after hearing Bret giving me the green light, but I also realized the pressure I was under. I was the ONLY journalist on the planet who could publicly discuss the rumor of Bret Hart leaving the WWE with the man himself. The show was booked for Tuesday, November 4th. The Survivor Series was set for Sunday, November 9th. Bret hadn't addressed any of the rumors and decided to wait to make his first statement on my show. Not only were the wrestling fans eager to hear the broadcast, but I'm sure the WWE offices were listening too.

On that Tuesday, Bret made his scheduled appearance on my show. The draw and out-pour of the fans crashed our broadcast servers several times. And when the time came for me to ask, "...Bret, are you going to WCW?...", I literally felt the world stop moving for a moment. Bret gave his explanation and discussed his feelings, and without giving a final or definitive answer, he concluded in saying that at that very moment, his decision was "strongly leaning towards going to WCW".

Yeah, some of you may be saying - "Big fucking deal!". Well, at the time it was. It was a big deal for Bret Hart, for the WWE, for WCW and for the industry as a whole. It was a move many thought was even bigger than when Hulk Hogan signed with WCW. Afterall, here is your current heavyweight champion publicly stating that he is going to work for the competition. But for me, it was the real launch of my career. I may not have been the guy who broke the story, but I was the guy who got the answer to confirm the rumor. What made it more magical is that it wasn't a "hear-say" story. I had the power to put the champion under the interrogation light to ask the question and get the answer that the world wanted to hear. It was my Edward R. Murrow moment.

So I guess Vince McMahon and the WWE locker room was listening too. Between my show on Tuesday and Sunday's PPV event, Bret got screwed out of the title on live television, punched Vince in the eye and hastily departed the WWE to join its arch enemy.

Almost two months later, it was finally announced on WCW television that Bret Hart would be joining the company leading into their Starcade event. Ironically enough, the WCW office was listening to my show as well and I surprisingly got a call where I was offered a contract to work for WCW as a broadcaster on their soon-to-launch internet programming and as the Tuesday voice on the n.W.o. hotline. I was flown down to Washington D.C. to sign my contract at the Starcade PPV, the same night Bret debuted for the company. Not only did I start with Bret on the same day, but we were stranded together at the airport during a nasty blizzard that had our flights delayed for hours. When we talked about the irony of the interview and how it ended up with us both working for WCW, Bret said, "Things have a really weird way of working out and it's only proof that your destiny is already chosen".

I never thought I'd have the chance to be on an open forum with one of my childhood heroes. I never thought I'd be in the center of the news with the exclusive scoop on a breaking story. And I never thought that based on those events, I'd be working with Bret Hart in WCW. And that was just the beginning.

A year later, Bret's fascinating documentary "Wrestling with Shadows" was set to debut. A few months before the public got to see it, Bret contacted me to do a follow up interview and promotion. Although our interview wasn't featured in the documentary, I felt it had its own place in part of that history. Bret felt the same way and it was one of the reasons he sought me out. Unfortunately, Bret's run in WCW had been botched, and by the time the movie was ready to debut - he had already regretted making the decision. It was at that point that I reiterated his own words, "Things have a really weird way of working out and it's only proof that your destiny is already chosen".

Hearing the sentiment in Bret's voice, I wanted to do something on the show that expressed the appreciation that the fans wanted to share with him. I took it to task and edited my first ever videos. Don't be too harsh on me, this was before Final Cut Pro!

The videos are two tributes to a legend, Bret Hart. And some of the footage used was from the screener copy that Bret had sent me himself. So if you're a fan of the "Hitman", I not only ask you to enjoy the video, but to share it so that fans will remember and honor the legacy of the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Al Snow’s Dirty Ass Promo

No one ever said that working in the pro wrestling business was easy. Regardless of what your role is in the business, you have to deal with a lot of shit. You get it from the wrestlers, the promoters, the agents, and most of all – the fans. No one is ever satisfied with your work or efforts, and at the end of the day your ‘thank you’ comes in the form of a big steamy turd. Just when you think you have the right formula to entertain the masses, someone is always there ready to drop a deuce all over it.

On the flip side of the coin, I shouldn’t be pointing stinky fingers because I have also been critical of the current product. Then again, I’m not the one with a multi-million dollar empire and staff full of veterans who should know better and be capable of wiping their own ass. Week after week, wrestling programming leaves a foul stench and mental skid-marks in what use to be man’s favorite soap opera and pseudo sport. Now I just wait for the punchlines and fantasize that I’ll see a cameo from Triumph The Insult Comic Dog who will look into the camera and say, “This is a GREAT wrestling product…for me to poop on!”

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s with the verbal diarrhea of the mouth? Why take a dump on an industry that you’ve been involved with since 1992? Why am I ready to flush the pro wrestling business like the drizzling shits? The answer is simple… It is what it is. But in this instance, it’s just one of those moments where the figurative sense turns into the literal sense. Allow me to set the stage for you.

I’m working a mega-convention in New York being run by a rookie money mark promoter. The event itself is an unorganized disaster and one that will go down in the books as an epic failure. I’m interviewing most of the talent for a yet-to-be-released DVD. Next up on the slate is former WWE superstar, Al Snow.

The place is packed and the only spot quiet enough to shoot the video interview is in a small office the size of a jail cell. Four grown adults cramped into this little room with no air conditioning in the middle of summer. Not the ideal set up, but when you’re on a run and gun mission, you’ll take what you can get. Fortunately, the interview came off without a hitch. Al shot with us for over 20 minutes and gave some real insight into the psychology of the business and the flaws that are deteriorating it. There was even a brief cameo by Shelly Martinez and Mick Foley.

For the purpose of my in-house branding, I always get the talent to do a quick promo bumper for me. A bumper is basically a short piece infront of or right after the content where the talent looks into the camera and says, “Hi, I’m BLAH BLAH BLAH, and you’re watching DieHard Wrestling!”. Those bumpers are nice little branding interstitial that helps build credibility for your product. Now before I go any further, let me first warn you that we had lunch with Al Snow a couple of hours prior to the interview. Nothing fancy. Think of it as a cheap ghetto date as we shared a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When the interview was over, we were quickly prepping to shoot the bumpers when one of the guys on my crew (Toddy D) had to take a personal phone call. He left the small office space for a little privacy, but when he came back….let’s just say he was welcomed with a little gift courtesy of Mr. Snow.

Without going into anymore detail, I’ll let you experience it for yourself. Fortunately, you won’t be able to get the full “scratch and sniff” effect – but I’m sure you have plenty of personal experiences in your own memory bank that you can use to understand our dilemma.

Check out this never before seen exclusive blooper outtake!!!

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Interview with WWE, WCW, TNA Superstar, BOOKER T

Right before Booker T decided to return to the WWE, DieHard Derek had the chance to sit down and talk with one of the most decorated wrestlers in history. In this 20 minute interview, Booker T discusses some of the things that interested him and inspired him to get involved in the wrestling business. He recalls his first match in the WWE with former WCW alumni Buff Bagwell and the botchfest that ensued during his debut. Booker shares some thoughts on the ill-fated WCW invasion angle and how he worked harder to make sure that his career didn’t carry the stench. What you’ll enjoy the most is Booker’s side of the story as he discusses the backstage altercation between himself and Batista during a SummerSlam promo shoot, as well as the night that he accidentally called Hulk Hogan the “N” word on a live telecast.

After watching this video, you grow to appreciate how decent and humble of a human being Booker really is and how he exudes nothing but positive energy to the people he works with and the fans that he works for. It will be interesting to see how Booker T adapts to his new roles in the WWE as a trainer on Tough Enough and as an eventual color commentator. Don’t be too fast to shake your head at the thought of Booker behind the mic. Aside from him having a great mind for the business of pro wrestling – think back at how many other former pro wrestlers and managers became legends behind the mic such as Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura. As long as Booker is able to stray from keeping his dialect vanilla – and what I mean by that is, refraining from giving an insightful opinion and having no quarrels about being opinionated in an effort to verbally push the talent, the product and the company. Then again, in this day and age where Vince McMahon is having a conniption if someone refers to his business as wrestling rather than sports entertainment, Booker may just be better off going with whatever “the man” tells him to say. I’m just glad that Booker T wasn’t associated or affiliated to any organization at the time of this interview, that way he didn’t have to hold anything back in fear of any repercussions. Enjoy the video!

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Video Highlights of Jackie Haas Winning Fitness Competition

Call me crazy – but I’m not big on having my women “crazy fit”. I like thickness. I like full figured women. I like women who like to have fun rather than being a gym rat, drinking water all day and eating shit that taste like cardboard. But that’s just me.

So, you remember former WWE diva and former TNA knockout Jackie Gayda-Haas? (Yes – wife of Charlie Haas). Well – now that the wrestling biz is behind her, her new career focus has been competitive bodybuilding.

Yeah – toned is okay, but at the same time there’s nothing sexy about being a tanned bag of bones and skinnier than a hungry Ethiopian. Regardless of your taste – here’s the former wrestling personality winning first place at the recent Bill Grant Fitness Classic in Atlantic City.

***For anyone interested – I also have some GREAT footage of the Bikini Competition!!!***


Interview with WWE Diva Candice Michelle

Earlier this year, I had the chance to sit down and chit chat with former WWE diva and woman’s champion, Candice Michelle. After watching her strut her stuff on television, you’re immediately wondering if she’s as loosey goosey in real life – and I’m pleased to announce that she absolutely is!

No! I didn’t score with Go Daddy vixen. She’s married and a proud mother. I have more respect than that…Ok, not much more, but enough that I wouldn’t throw on the old DieHard charm and work my way into my own private Playboy shoot. Damn, now that I think of it, that wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

In real life, Candice is everything her character in the WWE portrayed and exuded through your television screens. She has a natural flirtatious appeal that would give any broadcast journalist instant wood. Her eyes sparkle when she speaks to you and leading you to believe that you actually might have a chance – but then reality sets in, and you soon realize that it’s all part of her magical aura, otherwise known in wrestling as her “gimmick”.

As much as I was induced by her energetic magnetism and sexual appeal, I knew it was a work. I’ve been in this business far too long to fall for that. Tempting, but still a work. Unlike other divas who have bared all and spread eagle for the sticky pages of Playboy Magazine, Candice glowed in pride of who she is and what she’s done. Other I have encountered who share similar career experiences are more wound up and almost uptight, and practically living in denial of their erotic works.

Candice is a very touchy-feely type of a person. If you hit it off with her and are able to hold a decent conversation other than the regular mark comments and questions – then she’ll open up to you. She likes to joke and play, which I would consider first base without making out. Once she’s comfortable she throws little dirty innuendos into her dialect and will give you the occasional slap on the butt. When she’s not teasing you with her words and slight touches, she’ll embark on a series of naughty gestures like whipping out her cleavage, perking up the puppies and giving some sexy booty air grinding. It’s almost as good as going to a strip club without having to waste a dollar.

Well, that’s what its like hanging around Candice Michelle. Now you can get your hand lotion and tissues and enjoy this exclusive interview where she discusses her career in the WWE, her backstage heat with Melina, comparing the WWE divas to the TNA Knockouts, and much more!

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Interview with WWE Diva Trish Stratus

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that the WWE’s favorite diva, Trish Stratus, has announced that she will be rejoining the WWE as a trainer for the returning Tough Enough program. Now before I get into Trish Stratus, – not literally, she’s cute and all but she seems like a pretty lame romp on the mattress – allow me to vent on this Tough Enough ordeal.

For those who don’t know, I’m a former booker of a northeast pro wrestling company that closed its doors in 2007. While running the organization, I was fortunate enough to work with most of the original TNA roster, some current WWE stars and some of the most talented unsigned, unacknowledged and under appreciated performers on the indy scene. Unfortunately for them, their day to shine in the WWE spotlight will never happen. I’m not saying this to be a douchebag, I’m saying it because it’s true.

Years ago, you could argue that the individual talent themselves needed to work harder on their in-ring skills, their mic work or their gimmick in order to jump on the WWE’s radar. Now, you’re only qualifications have to be non-wrestling related. The creative writers were plucked from prime time comedic sitcoms, most of whom have never watched pro wrestling, had an avid interest in pro wrestling, or just plainly spent their time mocking it and cutting it down to anyone who would listen. The so-called divas, are simply a cattle of hot chicks that were too clueless to be real actresses and most were either former ring rats or were found greasing up a pole with baby oil and glitter. This is what makes the cut rather than a pure and well trained athlete such as Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini or Prime Time Amy Lee.

Now for the male competitors, it’s a bit different. I have no bone to pick with second or third generation wrestlers. It’s in their blood and a little nepotism is their birth right. Most male wrestlers are well trained, mainly because males in general are sports fanatics and athletes at heart. So earning a spot is more competitive to the scores and scores of dreamers and weekend warriors.

But on the flip side of that coin, I know a good deal of wrestlers who attended the casting of the revamped tough enough. All of them are qualified enough to earn some kind of TV time. Yet, when it came to the final round they were informed that they didn’t make the cut nor would their participation be featured on the show. Talk about a low blow to your downtown bonanza. Sure, I’m aware that in competitions and castings, its a matter of being the best of the best. But how can you say that with a straight face knowing that these athletes, who work hard at their craft every day of their lives were kicked to the curb for the likes of Miss USA??? Are you ribbing me??? Better yet, are you ribbing them??? Are you ribbing the paying fans???

It’s truly disgusting, yet nobody within the WWE seems to be complaining. Now that’s either because they don’t have the balls to speak up and voice their opinion to the great and powerful OZ (aka Vince McMachon), or because the boys behind the scenes are wagering on which wrestler is going to stretch out Miss USA like chewing gum before dumping her and wishing her the best on her future endeavors. It’s a damn shame what this business has come to.

So, that brings me back to Trish. Did you know that Trish has this crazy thing that she doesn’t like people touching her? I mean she seriously freaks out when she’s touched by people. Which I find ironic because she was performing in a full contact business where people had their hands all over her. In any case, we had the chance to briefly catch up with with the former women’s champion a few weeks before she decided to reappear on the wrestling scene. Here you’ll hear her talk about comparisons between the WWE Divas and the TNA Knockouts, the retirement of the WWE women’s title , and her thoughts on posing for Playboy.

This Tony Atlas Interview Is “The Drizzling Shits”!!!

Now before you think I’m going on a Tony Atlas bash today, let me just say that I have a great deal of respect for him. He’s a genuine and humble individual who fell on tremendously hard times as an individual who couldn’t handle the speed at which he was hit with fame. I get it and sympathize with it. But here’s the flip side of the coin….

What if one day, Tony got in the ring with an opponent who went into business for himself. They no sold all his moves, they stole his heat and comebacks, and pretty much did what was best for them in a moment that allowed them both to shine. I’m sure Tony would be pretty pissed off about the situation. Here he is, a professional wrestler, going into the ring to work with his partner for the moment and rather than putting together a product that would benefit them both, his opponent gives him enough to get by and takes the liberties of making the moment all about him and whatever he had on his mind. Sound unprofessional?….Thank you!

So I ran into Tony and did hm the solid of shooting some video of women walking all over his face. I later asked, “Hey Tony, you mind if we shoot a short interview with you? It might be good to push your book and let the people know what you’ve been up to since being released by the WWE”. Tony thought it was a great idea. But great for who?

So I take some time to do MY JOB and write up some well thought out questions that I thought my DieHard Wrestling fans would like to hear answers to. Once the camera starts rolling – Tony went into business for himself and did nothing but push his book. Now I’m kool and the gang with him getting a cheap plug – but when I ask you a question, every answer can’t be “Buy my book….Inside my book… on page 3,076 of my book….my book, my book, my book”.

You can imagine how pissed I must have been when I watched the footage in my editing room. I thought to myself, “What the f*ck am I supposed to do with this?”. Then it hit me – do what Tony did! Go into business for YOURSELF!

So this video is a result of me trying to do my job as a broadcast journalist, Tony going into business for himself and me cashing in my receipt in the editing room. Don;t forget to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT.

Tony Atlas’ Freaky Foot Fetish

How many backstage legends have you ever heard?…Let me clarify that – I’m not asking if you ever heard of a “legend”, I’m asking about the backstage locker room stories that have escaped the inner circles and become legend. Yet those campfire stories are difficult to prove unless you were there to witness it or heard it from a trusted sources who has seen it themselves. Truth be told, backstage rumors spread like wildfire. Lord only knows I have a few of my own.

But on the flip side of that coin, there are plenty of stories that have been openly shared with the public – most of them dealing with sexual encounters, flings, ring rats, etc. How many times are you going to listen to Missy Hyatt talk about the size of Val Venis’ penis? How many times is Tammy “Sunny” Sytch going to be asked her year long affair with Shawn Michaels when she was supposedly tagged ‘The Clique Chick”? Ever hear the stories about that ECW skank Miss Patricia and what the boys did to her when she was leaving the company?

The stories go on and on, but yet no one has ever been witness to such an event. Now I’m not saying that what you are about to see belongs on TMZ or can be sold like a glow in the dark Paris Hilton sex tape. But you at least get the sense that all the stories you’ve heard about Tony Atlas’ foot fetish are true.

Mr. Black Superman himself shows the world that he indeed has a face of steel, as he allows women to literally stand on his face for his arousal. For his personal collection, he also likes photographs of women’s feet in shoes. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all about having a women all over me and I’d consider myself an advanced expert on the anatomy of women. But there’s two problems I have with the foot fetish.

First of all, it’s just nasty. I mean, it’s a foot. Anyone who’s ever been laid will tell you that there are plenty of areas to explore and have fun with. Never have I heard of a foot. Sure, you can give a foot massage, but that’s usually the gateway to getting laid. Some people are into sucking toes – but not me. I have no appetite for peanut butter and toe jam. Just something about the feet that makes me wonder what gets people off so much.

The you have my second reason – having someone standing on your face. Um, isn’t that a bit on the painful side? How is that a turn on? And I’m sure I speak for most men when I say that if I wanted a women to walk all over me, I’d just get married.

Long story short – there are stories that say that Tony’s foot fetish was part of the downfall of his career. There’s even a story which I believe has been confirmed by Tony himself where he was scheduled to win the WWF Intercontinental title, but was no where to be found because he was shacked up with some chick and her stinky feet. I guess there are just some thing you can’t explain.

MMA Expo Red Carpet Affair in Atlantic City

Have you ever heard of a fan convention that has it’s own red carpet???…Neither have I, but ironically I attended one back in October for an MMA Expo in Atlantic City.

Let me paint a picture for you: The promoter is some money mark who spent over 90K just so he can hang out with a bunch of wrestlers, MMA fighters and kung fu experts. He basically looks like Ox Baker’s retarded son. This guy will lead you to believe that he’s the next Dana White, but that’s about as true as believing that Charlie Sheen is sober.

So when I get to the event, I hear that there is going to be a “red carpet affair”. Now I’m not sure if they mean a legit red carpet like they do for Hollywood premieres, or if this had something to do with seeing April Hunter take off her panties. Either way, I was curious enough to leave the bar for an hour, load up the camera and score some behind the scenes footage.

Low and behold, the time comes and sure enough there was a red carpet….No, not April’s. I mean a Hollywood style gala event with, well – not real media, but some people and fans with cameras…me included.

The kicker is that most of the talent booked on the convention was there and they were dressed to the nines. You would have actually thought they were going to the Oscars. All the of the female talents were fashionably dressed in designer outfits, and had their hair and make up done like they were stars of the silver screen. The men wore their best suits and tried looking somewhat normal than their professional barbaric personas. They were interviewed by some little hottie holding a microphone and whose head was filled with more air than a blow up mattress. But the funniest moment must have been when it was all done, and everyone on the red carpet wondered to themselves – “What the f*ck are we supposed to do now?”

See the convention was the next two days. There was only some lousy Muay Thai fight exhibition on the red carpet night. The real action was on the following days. So that basically left all the talent walking around the Taj Mahal like they just came from an Elvis Chapel Wedding or leaving the women looking like high priced escorts. I guess it proved at that moment, if you have money to burn then you too can try making yourself look important by paying celebrities to hang around you.

Hey – atleast I got some footage!

Interview with TNA and Ring of Honor Star, "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

DieHard Pro Wrestling presents an exclusive interview with former TNA star and one of the "founding fathers" of Ring of Honor "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, conducted by "DieHard" Derek Gordon.

Daniels discusses his thoughts on the state of indy wrestling, talent that should be signed by WWE and TNA, his influences, and some "best of the best" rapid fire questions.

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Interview with former WWE/TNA Star, Shawn Daivari

DieHard Pro Wrestling presents an exclusive interview with former WWE and TNA star Shawn Daivari, conducted by "DieHard" Derek Gordon.

Daivari discuss his time in WWE and TNA, as well as his thoughts on the current state of indy wrestling, how he managed to make a living as one of the smaller guys in the business and what lead to his release from TNA.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Interview with Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez is without a doubt, the most dominant female wrestler on the indy circuit today. We have a chance to speak with the Latina Sensation to discuss her career, her experiences, her influences and thoughts on the state of the industry and the female workers who continue to fight hard for equality in the male dominant pro wrestling business.

Interview with Roxie Cotton

Just when you thought that the wrestling business was overcrowded with “divas” and “knockouts” who spent more money on their boob jobs than they did on actual wrestling school, comes and old school throw back to the 80′s in Roxie Cotton.

This northeast valley girl airhead (yeah – I know there aren’t any valleys in the northeast) comes in full 80′s gimmick with a deafening high-pitched voice and florescent ring attire. But she’s also equipped with a strong determination and passion for the business…and a great all natural rack!

DieHard Wrestling talks to Roxie about her career, her experiences, the state of female wrestling and much more.

Interview with Portia Perez

She may seem small, but Portia Perez is as tough as they come. The technically sound Canadian “ninja” discusses her career, her inspirations and her experiences in the wrestling business – with a wise-cracking attitude that’s sharper than a ninja’s blade.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Interview with Former American Gladiator, Beth “Venom” Horn

Not only did I get a chance to hang with the ripped and ravenous Fury – but I also got to chill out with the tall, lean and sensual Beth “Venom” Horn. When you look at the show and peep out her promo pics, she looks like the type of chick that will lay you out with dropkick to the jugular and then put you to sleep with an illegal LAPD choke hold. But when you actually get the chance to sit down and talk with this bodacious blonde bombshell, you realize that she’s just the type of girl who wants to cuddle up with you and make it a Blockbuster night. He electric smile is so deceiving that I never once thought that she’d have the ability to twist my head off my neck like a bottle cap. Either way – enjoy this video as we get to know Venom a little better.

Interview with Former American Gladiator, Jamie “Fury” Kovac

Had a chance to meet and hang out with former American Gladiator, Jamie “Fury” Kovac. This chick is ripped and a natural born ass-kicker! Guess that’s why she had to marry a pro hockey player – to either keep her in line or atleast give her some kind of challenge. Jamie is a local New Jersey girl, and we’ve been talking about shooting some more videos in the near future. Videos will probably be of her working out and showing of her freakish strength and athletic ability. For now, check out this video and get to know her a little better!

Interview with "Merciless" Ray Mercer

It’s not everyday that you get to sit down and straight shoot with a former Olympic Gold Medalist and former World Heavyweight Boxing champion – especially when you’ve been a fan of the sport since you were two years old. So a couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to meet one of the heavyweight greats, “Merciless” Ray Mercer.

We were both attending a local MMA Expo Event in Atlantic City, NJ and just happened to end up sitting next to each other when we got so board out of our minds, we had nothing better to do than to make fun of the fights and fighter were were watching. After a couple of beers, Ray and I talked a little shop about the state of the boxing industry and the growth of the MMA world. Collectively, we thought this would make some good content to record and show off to the fans of both worlds. But after chugging nearly a case of Red Stripe beer, who wanted to work that night? So we ultimately agreed to meet up the next morning at the meet and greet convention to shoot from where Ray was scheduled to be signing autographs.

After getting to know Ray somewhat over a couple of brewski’s, I got a better sense of his humor. One thing that you rarely get to see in interviews is both the interviewer and interviewee loosening up and getting the opportunity to speak the truth. How often do newscasters and reporters carefully construct their questions and rebuttals? Even when delivering hard hitting questions, reporters maintain a safe distance while beating around the bush of what they really want to ask. At the same time, the person being interviewed must maintain their composure and carefully field the questions in an effort uphold their public image. You immediately sense the stiffness and often wish that the broadcast journalist and subject would just loosen up and conduct themselves like “two guys talking”.

The personalities who have the confidence to pull it off – or at least have the gall to give it a shot – are few and far between. Figures like Howard Stern and Bill Mahr deliver the burning questions and witty comebacks that any journalist secretly wishes they could execute on a public forum. You may argue that the barriers between professional journalistic integrity and entertainment are worlds apart. To some extent I agree. Sometimes viewers rather have their “news” fed to them in a manner that is socially acceptable and prefer not to stray from what they’ve only ever known…. But that’s where I differ. And that is where the DieHard Derek persona becomes more unique than the others who hold the mic. This is what makes the content more unique than the same repackaged material that is being broadcast on multiple networks through the constant boredom of cloned stiff talking heads.

You know who appreciates it more than anyone else?… The person being interviewed. They’re relaxed and at ease with the freedom to smile, laugh and be normal, rather than the puppets the public perceives them as. For a moment you share a bond and strengthen your comfort levels at the risk of spontaneity. If you don’t believe me – then you’ll notice the shift in mood during this interview which starts off as your ordinary “stiff” exchange of question and answers, and quickly shifts gears to two guys having a blast talking to each other. You be the judge!

In this interview, Ray Mercer talks about his infamous fight with Tommy Morrison, the state of the sport of boxing, his transition to MMA and his fights with Tim Sylvia and Kimbo Slice, and some choice words for HBO boxing commentator Larry Merchant!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

I was down at the MMA Expo in Atlantic City a few weeks ago and during opening night, the event hosted a Muay Thai Fight Night. I had no idea what Muay Thai was. When I first heard, I thought it might have been the name of the Chinese Buffet at the Taj Mahal.

Good ol’ DieHard was ringside for the action in what can be described as a form of kickboxing. Did I enjoy it? I’m sure I could have if the fighters didn’t suck, but on the flip side of that coin, if I can get a ringside seat to watch some real @$$-whoopin, you can count me in. Not to mention, the ring girls weren’t bad looking either…but I’ll save those thoughts for another blog.

For now, my fortune cookie says – “Enjoy The Muay Thai”.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Interview with Former WWE/ECW Announcer, Lauren Mayhew

Lauren May-who???….Lauren Mayhew!!! Don’t you remember her as the fill in ring announcer for the ill fated WWE version of ECW?….Neither do I. Probably because WWE’s version of ECW was a big steamy pile of doo-doo. But chuck a mic into the hands of a hottie like Lauren, and I might start watching!

What’s that you say? WWE’s ECW no longer exists? Like we didn’t see that one coming. But then, what happened to Lauren? Luckily she jumped ship right before it sank. Jumped ship as in going to TNA? No, she jumped off the wrestling ship. No sense in jumping from ECW to TNA where not only is the ship sinking, but it’s also on fire and being driven right into the iceberg.

Anywho – Lauren is good looking young prospect who has already earned fame and accolades as an accomplished singer and actress. She’s appeared in the direct-to-DVD spinoff of the American Pie franchise BAND CAMP – (hmm, makes me wonder if she’s ever done any kinky exploring with a flute) – and was also the arch nemesis of Hilary Duff in Raise Your Voice. Lauren also has some hit singles on Itunes and has opened for acts like Destiny’s Child.

So what the hell is her interview doing here on Sports Fan Promotions?

Well – she is a former WWE/ECW announcer…even though it only lasted a month. And, when I interviewed her, we were both at the MMA Sports Expo. Why was she there? I have absolutely no idea. Ask the dumbass promoter who booked her. Check out the interview below and a sample of this hot chicks pipes as she sings the national anthem!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Interview with Female MMA Fighter, Kim Couture

It’s not everyday that you get to hang out with a smokin’ hot fitness model who can probably kick your ass. In this case, she could tie me up and beat the ever lovin’ shit out of me just so I can say Kim Couture was all over me like white on rice.

Anyway – enough of my barbaric fantasies and let’s get back into the wrestling news. I had the chance to interview Kimmie before her October 2010 fight with Munah Holland – a fight that Kim unfortunately lost. But rather than attack her with question after question about her workout and fight regimens – we decided to take a more laid back approach and discuss some of the things that are going on in her life and career.