Friday, September 9, 2011

Video Highlights of Jackie Haas Winning Fitness Competition

Call me crazy – but I’m not big on having my women “crazy fit”. I like thickness. I like full figured women. I like women who like to have fun rather than being a gym rat, drinking water all day and eating shit that taste like cardboard. But that’s just me.

So, you remember former WWE diva and former TNA knockout Jackie Gayda-Haas? (Yes – wife of Charlie Haas). Well – now that the wrestling biz is behind her, her new career focus has been competitive bodybuilding.

Yeah – toned is okay, but at the same time there’s nothing sexy about being a tanned bag of bones and skinnier than a hungry Ethiopian. Regardless of your taste – here’s the former wrestling personality winning first place at the recent Bill Grant Fitness Classic in Atlantic City.

***For anyone interested – I also have some GREAT footage of the Bikini Competition!!!***


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