Friday, September 9, 2011

MMA Expo Red Carpet Affair in Atlantic City

Have you ever heard of a fan convention that has it’s own red carpet???…Neither have I, but ironically I attended one back in October for an MMA Expo in Atlantic City.

Let me paint a picture for you: The promoter is some money mark who spent over 90K just so he can hang out with a bunch of wrestlers, MMA fighters and kung fu experts. He basically looks like Ox Baker’s retarded son. This guy will lead you to believe that he’s the next Dana White, but that’s about as true as believing that Charlie Sheen is sober.

So when I get to the event, I hear that there is going to be a “red carpet affair”. Now I’m not sure if they mean a legit red carpet like they do for Hollywood premieres, or if this had something to do with seeing April Hunter take off her panties. Either way, I was curious enough to leave the bar for an hour, load up the camera and score some behind the scenes footage.

Low and behold, the time comes and sure enough there was a red carpet….No, not April’s. I mean a Hollywood style gala event with, well – not real media, but some people and fans with cameras…me included.

The kicker is that most of the talent booked on the convention was there and they were dressed to the nines. You would have actually thought they were going to the Oscars. All the of the female talents were fashionably dressed in designer outfits, and had their hair and make up done like they were stars of the silver screen. The men wore their best suits and tried looking somewhat normal than their professional barbaric personas. They were interviewed by some little hottie holding a microphone and whose head was filled with more air than a blow up mattress. But the funniest moment must have been when it was all done, and everyone on the red carpet wondered to themselves – “What the f*ck are we supposed to do now?”

See the convention was the next two days. There was only some lousy Muay Thai fight exhibition on the red carpet night. The real action was on the following days. So that basically left all the talent walking around the Taj Mahal like they just came from an Elvis Chapel Wedding or leaving the women looking like high priced escorts. I guess it proved at that moment, if you have money to burn then you too can try making yourself look important by paying celebrities to hang around you.

Hey – atleast I got some footage!

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