Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Remembering Chris Candido

Celebrate the career of Chris Candido in this special video tribute produced for his June 2005 NWA Cyberspace memorial show – No Gimmicks Needed. Hear stars such as Matt Striker, Tracy Brooks, Rodney Mack, Slyck Wagner Brown and many others reflect on his career, contributions and influence in the industry.

I’ll never forget talking to Chris Candido and telling him that my partner, Billy Firehawk, was thinking about opening a wrestling school in New Jersey and we had wanted him to be the head trainer…. I’ll never forget the infamous match that we put together between Chris Candido and Matt Striker that blew the roof off the house…. I’ll never forget writing my next show where I was planning on giving Chris Candido a push to one of our titles and starting a faction – only to get a phone call from Chris telling me he broke his leg at a TNA taping…. I’ll never forget having to rewrite the show and figure out how to keep his momentum going before he was able to wrestle again…. I’ll never forget the phone call I got telling me Chris Candido had passed away….. I’ll never forget changing the plans and writing the next show as Chris Candido Memorial Show called “No Gimmicks Needed”…. And on that night, we filmed this video where some of the locker room shared their memories of Chris in agreement that we’ll never forget Chris Candido.

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